Randomly generated story

This story was written by an AI

Prot agonist had always loved Weird America with its nutritious, narrow nooks. It was a place where he felt sneezy.

He was a daring, considerate, drink drinker with blonde fingers and ample legs. His friends saw him as an obedient, ordinary orange. Once, he had even revived a dying, baby. That's the sort of man he was.

Prot walked over to the window and reflected on his cold surroundings. The rain hammered like shouting rabbits.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Secondary Character. Secondary was a rude wally with fluffy fingers and feathery legs.

Prot gulped. He was not prepared for Secondary.

As Prot stepped outside and Secondary came closer, he could see the smiling smile on his face.

Secondary gazed with the affection of 8577 clumsy knowing kittens. He said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want a pencil."

Prot looked back, even more cross and still touching the soaking record. "Secondary, hello," he replied.

This sentence has been removed for legal reasons

Prot regarded Secondary's fluffy fingers and feathery legs. "I feel the same way!" revealed Prot with a delighted grin.

Secondary looked active, his emotions blushing like a teeny-tiny, thankful torch.

Then Secondary came inside for a nice drink of drink.

I am never letting an AI write a story again

This was the AI used by the way: https://www.plot-generator.org.uk/story/